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The best sweets in Thessaloniki that you must taste


Summer is here, you have more time and the best sweets in Thessaloniki are waiting for you to taste them! In this article we have prepared a list of the must-try sweets of the city!


What are the best sweets in Thessaloniki?

Whether you are a new student in the city, or you have lived all the years here and it is time to study, you will surely know that the city has many flavours to offer you! From gourmet dishes to on-the-go delicacies, in every corner you will find a temptation!



Visit this pastry shop if you are a fan of healthy options and fresh handmade ice cream! Exereton, with stores in the center & in Thermi, has stolen the impressions from its first days of operation and has already established its place in the favourite choices of the residents!


Sugar Angel

Undoubtedly the old people of the city know it and the young people will look forward to trying it! Sugar Angel is in the heart of the city and if you happen to pass outside, you will be fascinated by the elegant aesthetics of the store. But also, the unique smells of sweets and fresh coffee!



Have you ever thought that you can make a custom-made profiterole with the praline and toppings of your choice? And yet! At Choureal you will find the profiteroles of your dreams! Located in a beautiful place in the city center, it is what you want to taste in your afternoon walk.


Jerry’s Foodtruck

A visit to Jerry’s Foodtruck will make you forget the calories! The favorite hangout of young and old, offers the inhabitants of the city all kinds of donuts with the filling & coating of your choice. Helpful Hint: Decide in advance what you want, because when you go, with so many options you have you will lose them!



In closing, we could not miss the favourite of almost all of Thessaloniki. Terkenlis has been adorning the city center for many years! The smell of fresh bun with chestnut filling will surely pique your interest. A test will convince you!


And do not forget that:

  • As the rhythms of the city flow slowly, do the same with the spots you have to discover! Do not rush to wander around everywhere during the first week of your stay in the city.
  • Alone or with friends the enjoyment is the same! As a new student, you may not be able to form groups right away. However, this fact is not a deterrent to go out and explore this beautiful place and everything it has to offer.
  • Finally, Thessaloniki is rightly a center of culture. Here you will find sweets from many countries of the world. Do not hesitate to explore all your options. The journey of flavours, after all, has many stops and the route is sweet!


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