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Student spots in Thessaloniki: Everything you need to know


Whether you are a senior student in town, or you have just started packing things for your new life that you are about to start, only one thing is certain: spots in Thessaloniki are a lot both for food and entertainment!

The list of the best student spots in Thessaloniki

For this reason, we have prepared a detailed guide to the top points of Thessaloniki that you should visit. So let’s get started!


The Student life chapter couldn’t help but begin with a dash for coffee. One of the best coffee options is Tabya, in a unique architectural building, right next to the universities. Enjoy your coffee in a place that takes you to another era!

On the other hand, if you are looking for a modern and alternative hangout, then Upsilon, in the area of Valaoritou, will definitely become your new favorite spot!


When we talk about good food, then surely Thessaloniki is one of the thoughts that comes to your mind first. From budget student hangouts to restaurants that offer you a gourmet dining experience, the choices are inexhaustible!

If you are looking for an affordable option to hang out with, you can visit the Bit Pazar area. There you will find many small shops, ideal to enjoy your meze with a glass of wine.

On the other hand, if you are among the people who enjoy good food, then Ladadika will reward you! One of the most established haunts is the Mpoukia Mpoukia, as well as Full to Meze.


After the good food, surely comes an even better sweet! Something that distinguishes Thessaloniki from other cities, is the love of the citizens for delicious sweets. From classic bougatsa, to crepe, doughnuts and Panorama triangles, you won’t know what to choose first. Visit Jerry’s Foodtruck for delicious doughnuts, loukoumades and churros!

Night Entertainment

As far as nightlife is concerned, Thessaloniki covers every preference. Among them, there are both timeless spots and promising new places. In particular, in Rover you can enjoy a cool beer with live rock bands, while if you are a lover of Greek music, you can visit bars such as Stafyli, Casper etc., where the entertainment lasts until the early hours.

The guide is complete! Stay tuned with Thessaloniki Student Housing blog for student tips and new articles about life in Thessaloniki!

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