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Student living costs in Thessaloniki


The cost of Student Life in Thessaloniki is a burning issue for students who complete the marathon route of the Panhellenic examinations. The students hope to have achieved their goal, which is none other than their admission to the school of their desire.

In several cases, however, their University they are admitted in is located in a city far from their family’s permanent residence. Finding a home in the city where the student is admitted is a new obstacle that the new student and their family have to face.

TSH gives you the solution to the cost of Student Life in Thessaloniki

TSH, for more than two decades, provides the solution to parents and students, offering affordable and complete housing solutions in Thessaloniki. The prices of our studios vary depending on the accommodation, the building and the area in which they are located.

The rent in Thessaloniki Student Housing starts from 300 euros per month and escalates depending on the studio and the package (lease term, additional services etc.) to be chosen. In this way, each student can adjust to the cost of Student Life in Thessaloniki according to their capabilities.

The cost of rent and other expenses of the student house are the basis for the total budget of the cost of the student’s living in Thessaloniki. Therefore, it is important for each family to be able to plan their expenses and cope with the new expenses arising from the beginning of studies.

What to look for in terms of student costs in Thessaloniki

For the selection of suitable accommodation, there are three elements that play a very important role:

The cost of rent and other fixed costs arising from the property (utility bills, communal bills, etc.).
Its location and its proximity to the University and admissions department.
The condition in which both the building and the property are located internally and externally.
Taking into account the above factors, TSH has managed to maintain a stable cost of Student Life in Thessaloniki, while providing quality student studios in Thessaloniki and high quality facilities to its residents.

Causes of rising cost of living in Thessaloniki

As is well known, rents in the city of Thessaloniki, in recent years, are constantly increasing. This results in a proportional increase in the cost of Student Life in the city.

This increase is due to the high demand that exists from Greek and foreign students and the strategy of many property owners to convert their homes from long-term lease to short-term through well-known platforms and put them for tourist exploitation.

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