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Student life in Thessaloniki: 3 + 1 Reasons to Love It


There are many students who choose to come to study in Thessaloniki. Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece, after Athens. It is a city with 1 million inhabitants and a large number of students. It is famous for its good universities, night and student life, its hospitable people, and the “relaxed rhythms” of its life. Besides, the phrase “Halaraaa” has not come out by chance or well. Here you will see people enjoying their coffee relaxed. It is a city that while many come as students then they cannot leave it and decide to stay permanently.


Below we will give you some of the main reasons to love student life in Thessaloniki.


Good food


Thessaloniki is famous for its good food. Here you can find many taverns or shops to get delicious street food. The options are many either for something cheaper or for something more expensive, depending on everyone’s financial ability and taste. Many economical options for street food eg pizza on hand, crepe and many more you will find in Navarinou. If you want to go to a nice tavern, Ladadika is an excellent and favourite area. However, what is certain is that no taste will be left unfulfilled.


Tip: If you are a student, you can also eat at the student club, where three meals a day are offered: breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Countless Coffee


Another reason to love student life in Thessaloniki is the fact that in every alley you walk you will find a cafe. The options are too many. You can go for a coffee on the beach overlooking Thermaikos or the Rotunda near the universities for a more relaxed coffee. If you want to go with your friends to a table cafe, you will find many of them on Angelaki Street, very close to the universities.




We could not fail to mention her nightlife. This city never sleeps! Thessaloniki covers every preference. In Ladadika you will find nice rock breweries to enjoy your beer. If you are a fan of Greek music, you can visit shops like Casper, for fun until the early morning hours. Also nice, themed parties are organized at WE, in the heart of the campus.


Student life in Thessaloniki requires you to try the student parties that are organized until morning at the Universities. It is a unique experience and a good opportunity to meet other students.


Small distances


A very big plus that Thessaloniki has, is that its distances are quite close. You can move on foot without getting lost. But in case something like this happens, a very simple solution is to go to the beach. From there, everything is easier! If you do not want to travel on foot and your destination is a little further away, you can use public transport. If you are a student, by showing your passport, you have reduced fares.


Extra tip: Now many students choose to travel either by bike or scooter for even greater convenience.


In closing we will give you a tip: To enjoy your student years to the fullest, as they do not go back! These memories will accompany you for the rest of your life, after all!


As for your stay, we are here to make your years even more beautiful, with unique student studios in Thessaloniki! Visit the website of Thessaloniki Student Housing and be the first to know all the student tips and news about student life in Thessaloniki.

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