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Student home essentials – a complete guide


It’s moving time and you’ve decided to make a list of all the things your new student home needs. This list is formed depending on the house that each student has chosen and whether it is furnished or not. The best solution for a student is to search and find an already furnished house that will offer the basic equipment which are mostly a bed, wardrobe, kitchen with storage areas, refrigerator, oven, desk, chairs, bookcases etc. By making such a choice, you can save a very large amount of money that you would otherwise have to pay, and also saves the cost of moving, time to find the right furniture and any other inconvenience a move involves.

The basic things a student home needs are:

For the kitchen: 4-6 plates (deep & shallow), 2-3 bowls, cups, coffee mugs, cutlery, ladles, corkscrew, colander, grater, 2-3 pots, non-stick pan, bassinet, coffee pot, Tupperware, kitchen towels, oven gloves, refrigerator, kitchen (or oven with hob), microwave, coffee maker, toaster, blender, table & chairs.

For the bathroom: towels , toilet brush & trash bin, laundry basket, basins, clothesline, clothespins, bath curtain, washing machine.

For the bedroom: bed & mattress, bedside table, sheets, pillows, clothes hangers, blanket, duvet, mirror.

Also necessary: vacuum cleaner, iron, ironing board, computer, storage boxes, entrance mat, shoe rack, power strip.

Cleaning supplies: mop, mop bucket, dusters, broom with pole and dustpan, brushes and sponges, disposable gloves, garbage bags, universal cleaner, laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid.

Moreover, the internet connection is a very important role in the life of students as now everything has become digital and it is a main requirement to have a fast and reliable connection.

TSH has more than 20 years of experience in the field of student catering. We know and fully understand the things that a student home needs and the needs that a student has. Based on knowledge and experience, we has shaped our apartments to be the optimal solution for the student. The apartments are fully furnished with the basic equipment mentioned in this article and have all the facilities offered by our company such as security through closed circuit at all entrances of our buildings and technicians to monitor and repair any damage that may occur.

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