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Cafes for Reading in Thessaloniki


You are a student and the exam is approaching, you have a large reading load and you notice that you cannot concentrate at home. What are you doing; For a start, keep your cool and do not get bored. We have the solution for you! In Thessaloniki there are very beautiful cafes for reading, where you can enjoy your coffee and at the same time read or do your homework. Alone or with your classmates.


According to research, an environment with moderate noise, such as cafes, can improve your efficiency when you do a job. So why not? Why not try it to see if it “works” in your case. You have nothing to lose. Seeing other people reading is very likely to help your psychology and make you take action to start reading.


Below we have prepared a guide with cafes, where you can go for reading in Thessaloniki.


Cafes for reading in Thessaloniki



On Melenikou Street, very close to the Universities, you will find the Tabya complex. A magnificent neoclassical building. As it is designed and divided into small rooms, it helps to concentrate and sit down to read, in a quiet environment with your laptop or book.


Museum of Photography

The Canteen area of ​​the Museum of Photography is a different alternative for you who are looking for cafes for reading in Thessaloniki. You can sit with your book, overlooking Thermaikos. Nothing better; The Museum of Photography is located in Nauarxou Votsi, has free Wifi and you can enjoy your coffee from a vending machine. Admission to the museum is free.


Bonbonella Cute Bar

On Konstantinou Karamanli Street, you will find Bonbonella. A store with a special vintage aesthetic, which is famous for its nice cocktails. After coffee, an alternative would be a delicious cocktail to make you even more creative and inspiring!



At Starbucks in Dimitriou Gounari, you can enjoy your coffee or a snack. Especially the upper floor, is designed to go maybe with a classmate to do that job that bothers you for a long time.


Coffice books & coffee

Of course, we could not fail to mention the first genuine book cafe in Thessaloniki. Coffice books & coffee is located East on Egaiou Street in Kalamaria. The place is specially designed so that you can study and drink your coffee accompanied by delicious snacks and delicious sweets. There are sockets available for your laptop and Wifi. Inside there is also a lending library where you can use it while you are in the space or borrow it for later study.


These were just a few of the cafes for reading in Thessaloniki. And if you are more of a homemaker, Thessaloniki Student Housing is here offering you unique student studios for rent. At our site you will find informative articles and important information about student life in the city, exclusively for you!

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