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5 + 1 activities for students in Thessaloniki


You have just arrived in the magical city and you are excited about the activities this city offers to students? Knowing how eager you are to start the most beautiful chapter of your life, we could not help but prepare you a detailed guide with the best suggestions for a trip to the city. Here we go!

Activities for students in Thessaloniki: starting from the basics

To begin with, it is important to remember to enjoy every moment! It doesn’t matter whether you live your student life to the fullest, or you devote yourself to your studies. In both cases, you have a lot to learn.

However, there will surely come times when you will want to explore what this city has to offer you, either alone or with company.

Coffee, coffee & more coffee

Even if you don’t like coffee, in this city you will learn to love it! It is called the city of coffee for a reason! The choices are almost inexhaustible, as in every corner of Thessaloniki you will find a new hangout. Take your company and spill out into the alleys of the city!

Ethnik food

You may have heard that in Thessaloniki you will find some of the best delicacies of Greece! Panorama triangles, authentic bougatsa and Thessaloniki bun are just some of the delicacies that surround you in every square of the city. And the list goes on! The city offers flavors from all over the world, satisfying even the most gourmets!

Night entertainment

Talking about activities for students in Thessaloniki, we could not skip off course the night entertainment! Starting from the cozy cocktail bars and the underground clubs in Ladadika, reaching to the timeless wine bars of Rotunda, it will certainly not take you long to find your own spots.

Cultural events

As a student in Thessaloniki, you will have the opportunity to attend and participate in various cultural events. Every year, especially during the autumn and spring periods, cultural events take place such as: Film Festival, beer festival, TIF and many more, while at the same time in many of them you will have the opportunity to participate as a volunteer, acquiring both new experiences and new friends. Save the dates!


Finally, let’s not forget that Thessaloniki offers not only good food and entertainment. One of the best activities you can take advantage of is a free visit to the sights of the city. A walk to the castles in the Upper Town or the Rotunda is enough to fall in love with it!

Our guide to activities for students in Thessaloniki is complete! Don’t forget to follow Thessaloniki Student Housing in Facebook & Instagram where you can find tips and useful information about Student Life in Thessaloniki!

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