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Recommended Equipment for a Pleasant Stay

Please take a moment and read the following page in order to come prepared.

It is Allowed:


Always hot and cold water. Bathroom has a shower - furniture of bathroom - heater (boiler) and laundry in separate area.
Recommended supplies: Towels, Bathrobe, Bag for clothes that you will need to use at the laundry area. There are plenty of shops in the town so that to buy any sanitary fixture you want.

Study area: 

We provide you desk with chairs and library for your best study area organisation.



Equipped with bedside table, reading lamp and wardrobe of clothes.
Recommended supplies:
Sheets - Pillows – Blankets - Your personal necessities and your personal style of clothing.


All the residences have their own refrigerator and cooker (Three hot plates, oven, cooker-hood), and eating table.
Recommended supplies: Cooking tools, cutleries and some dishes.

Telecommunication: All studios have substructure for telephone and plugs for television. They are accessed in high speed Internet (24Mbps). You can bring your computer for access to the Internet as well as to VOIP services (Skype etc) .

Storage: storage is limited; our studios do not have storage outside them. 

Other Benefits: All studios are autonomous in Heating - Electrification and Water. They also all include roof lightings and substructure for air conditioning.

It is NOT Allowed:

Domestic animals.

Candles and incenses.


Non-compliance during quiet hours.

The usage of drugs, any kind of narcotic substances and the storage and excessive consumption of alcohol.